Help Using the Top Attorney Directory

Are you ready to search for a lawyer, but are not sure where to start? Here are some questions and answers that may help you better utilize Top Attorney Directory.

What Is the LawInfo Lawyer Directory?

Our directory contains the names and contact information for thousands of attorneys across the United States who focus on legal issues affecting everyday people and small businesses.

How Do I Find a Lawyer on the Directory?

You can search and browse the directory by practice area, location, and attorney name.

How Do I Find a Lawyer Whose Name I Already Know?

You can click the “search by attorney name” tab in the search bar to look up an attorney whose name you already know.

Are There Any Tips for Getting Better Search Results?

If you are searching the directory, it is best in the “Legal Issue” field to use a short, descriptive keyword or short phrase that describes your situation. This could include terms like “car accident,” “bankruptcy,” or “file for divorce.” Make sure you double-check your spelling when performing a search.

I Live in a Small Town Without Any Lawyers. What Should I Do?

Search the same way you would if you live in a big city. For example, if there are no personal injury lawyers in your town, our directory will still show you lawyers who are nearby.

My Search Returns No Results Nearby. What Should I Do?

If your search shows no attorneys nearby for the type of practice you need, you can try browsing the directory by location. We also recommend consulting with your county’s or state’s bar association to find an attorney who can assist you.

What Does ‘Lead Counsel Verified’ Mean?

Our “Lead Counsel Verified” badge means a lawyer is experienced, licensed and in good standing, and has a clean disciplinary record.